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Moda BlockHeads

I love sew-alongs.
Discovered them last year (2016) and opened a whole new world of learning new techniques and meeting friends! 
My first one was the Splendid Sampler by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

Right now I'm in love with this new one, it just started, today block 6 just came out and it's so pretty!  This sew along is weekly, every Wednesday a new block is uploaded!

I am loving this sew along so much. All my online quilting friends are doing it! I challenged myself to make the blocks only with 4 fabrics of the same line from Kansas Trouble and it's absolutely amazing.

I initially started to Quilt-As-You-Go my blocks but I'm not sure I'm loving it so I've decided to stop. I will remake the first 3 blocks and probably this will become fancy mug rugs!

Happy sewing!

Happy New Year! 2017 is starting!

Happy New Year!
2017 just started and I really hope this one will be a good one.
At least I hope it will be better than 2016.

I started the day with some sewing!
This is block 2 of Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge, it's so much fun, this is a 12' block and I LOVE IT!
I think I found my fav block in the whole quilting world!

This evening I will clean my sewing machine from an intensive month of Christmas gifts sewing... she deserves it! :)